About Highver

After more than 18 years in the SEO field, Shmulik Dorinbaum (founder of HIGHVER and the SEO agency “Shmul SEO” with dozens of clients) decided that he wanted to create a guideline for day-to-day work in SEO processes in a better way, faster, and most importantly – more orderly.

HIGHVER was developed to create a better work system for freelancers and SEO companies, and even publishers who want to organize their project management for SEO but do not know how to manage time and the most important milestones in the process itself.

HIGHVER basically delivers the whole process in the most visual way that exists today in the world of project management software.

So, what is HIGHVER, actually?

HIGHVER is an SEO project management tool that knows how to take the website owner / SEO’s and accompany them hand in hand from the moment the website is up and running to the moment it appears on the Google first page.

The best thing that HIGHVER can do for you is to know what the first, second, and of course, final steps are towards moving to the first page in Google under the query you would like to appear in the search results.

HIGHVER is based on Shmul and his SEO company’s day-to-day SEO processes, alongside consultation with the leading experts in Israel (companies such as SEO Israel, Hayde, REGO Marketing, Daniel Zrihan, and more).

HIGHVER is based mainly on the project management process from ground zero to testing and monitoring the results that change in the SEO processes that are created on a day-to-day basis.

Today, HIGHVER is managed by partners under the guise of HIGHVER SEO Solutions LTD. by Shmulik Dorinbaum and Daniel Zrihan.

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