Highver Affiliate Program

Make Money with Highver
every client, every month

30% of everything your customer pays, LIFETIME! As long as the client you referred pays, you receive a monthly commission of 30% of what he paid that month.


Get Your Link

Receive a personalized referral link to track clicks and sign-ups and watch your earnings grow!

Share With Your Audience

Introduce Highver to your friends, followers, and clients, and they'll enjoy a 25% discount on their first month's subscription!

Get Paid

Each time your referrals' subscriptions renew monthly, you'll earn a lifetime 30% recurring commission.

How to open an account with our affiliate program

To have an affiliate program with us at Highver, you must first be registered in the system. If you are already registered, go to one of the tabs of your profile (clicking on your profile at the top of the screen).

Go to our new tab, “Affiliate”, where our affiliate program is located.

Click on our big button. “Creating an Affiliate Account”.

Before you start your affiliate campaigns, you must choose the payment method you want to receive from us. Currently, we are working with PayPal only, 

Great, let’s start the Affiliate engines.

Here’s your new dashboard, all of your shining customers and referrals will be shown here.

Start sharing your link from the bottom of the dashboard where ever your audience is.

FAQ - Highver Affiliate Program

Definitely not. Use of the link is for recommendation and not for manipulation of payment. Unethical use of your affiliate link may result in your account being deleted and never to return. Yes, we are that serious. (Also don’t sign-up “on behalf of a friend”, it doesn’t catch on as well).

We will not be manually inputting referral information. It is your responsibility to ensure that individuals sign up using your referral link. Fortunately, if they click on your link and make a purchase within a 30-day period, you will receive a commission. If they initially clicked on your link, you will be credited, even if they eventually make the purchase through our advertisements or email campaigns.

The referral cookie has a lifespan of 30 days. If a user buys the product more than 30 days after their initial visit through the referral link, the transaction will no longer be tracked as a conversion.

After a customer completes a payment, your commission will appear as “pending” for a 30-day period to account for potential refunds or disputes. Once this period has elapsed, your commission status will change to “due” and will be disbursed to you through PayPal during the initial week of the subsequent month.


Absolutely yes, if we feel that your link is all over the internet in a spammy way and is not really effective for the users, we will remove you from the list of affiliates without the possibility of future return. It is important to be careful in order to keep profiting for something real than on something purely manipulative.