What Is Highver?

So, what is HIGHVER, actually?

HIGHVER is an SEO project management tool that knows how to take the website owner / SEOs and accompany them hand in hand from the moment the website is up and running to the moment it appears on the Google first page.

The best thing that HIGHVER can do for you is to know what the first, second, and of course, final steps are towards moving to the first page in Google under the query you would like to appear in the search results.

HIGHVER is based on Shmulik and his SEO company’s day-to-day SEO processes, alongside consultation with the leading experts in Israel.

HIGHVER is based mainly on the project management process from ground zero to testing and monitoring the results that change in the SEO processes that are created on a day-to-day basis.

Today, HIGHVER is managed by Shmulik Dorinbaum under the guise of HIGHVER SEO Solutions LTD. 

Who is

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Shmulik Dorinbaum, Has been around in the digital marketing industry for over 18 years. Shmulik is an entrepreneur with more than 150 websites (affiliation and leads generation websites).

Shmulik has been lecturing in the digital marketing conferences in Israel about SEO for the last ten years and teaching SEO in more than five different big SEO colleges in Israel.

Shmulik owns an SEO agency with dozens of the biggest brands in Israel (travels, universities, insurance companies, baby products, and more)

After creating Highver for his employees and his own company’s sake, he decided to open it to the other SEO pros and business owners who want to do better SEO in the right way.

My Personal Story

(from Cancer to SEO)

Not many know this story, but there is no small story behind my successes. There have been more failures than successes, but each of my losses has taught me 500 steps ahead of what I am supposed to do. I will explain.

Year: 2000

I try all kinds of possible jobs. I was a customer service representative at a call center. I was in the control department of Yellow Pages and even drove to doctors as part of Health Services. There is no job I have not tried. But after about two years of looking for myself, I had an exciting idea.

Year: 2002

I was thinking of starting a website like the Yellow Pages. But it would say “currently open” or “currently closed” on the business profile (yes, there are millions of Such sites today, but not in 2003). So I opened my first site after leaving the Yellow Pages and tried it myself. I did not know how to bring users to my website, so I just posted wherever possible. I even paid a big news magazine website 20,000$ just to for a small banner on the home page for only ten days. I sold my car to buy a banner on that website. Yes, you read that right.

Year: 2003

I hear about an exciting field called “SEO,” which, with the help of this field, I can be ranked high on the Google results page for anyone who searches .. anything. So I thought to myself, if someone is looking for “plumbers” or “electrical store” etc., I want to be rank first, so what should be done? Learn. There is no guide I have not read, no guru I have not followed and asked him for tips, I even asked to work for free to know more about the SEO. The main thing to be concerned about. I even got a few customers for 250$ per customer, something embarrassing and not holding an apartment, but I tried. I tried it myself.

Year: 2010

I opened my own office and started doing it myself, whether working as an employee in SEO companies or teaching in colleges, gaining new clients, and even ranked high in Google with the words “SEO company.” In a short time, many customers, two partners, and a lovely office in the middle of Tel Aviv.

Year: 2011

Boom! I went too far. I did not run the business properly, I did not choose my partners correctly (they probably did not either), and I sold my main website and the company to my partners and started cancer treatment a year and a half later.

The mind couldn’t help me, so health almost finished me off. Treatments, surgeries, and after a year and a half of hospitals (and lots of reading of SEO books), I came back to myself. And I went back to being an employee again for fear of being self-employed.

When I was an employee (only in SEO, of course), I decided to teach while doing so because this is my big love. I taught for three years at SEO colleges for four years straight.

Year: 2017

Opening my company, we even reached ten employees, about 100 customers, and quite a bit of ambition to be the ones to conquer the SEO world by storm, the ones to bring in the biggest customers and the most accurate employees.

I succeeded in that, no doubt. But after a few years of understanding customers go as soon as they find a lower price for the most part, I decided to close the company and move to work alone. The only thing I invest in – is my personal digital assets.

Year: 2021

I am building a larger community than ever and teaching people for the most significant success with the internet. I’m here to build a community that will love life more than anything.

After all of the above, I built myself with my bare hands, everything I have today, five children (2 of mine and 3 of my wife from a previous marriage), it’s all a matter of commitment, Not a unique talent.

I hope you will join us in our great community of the SEO Highver family.

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