The easiest way to manage an organic SEO process.

The SEO tool that built by SEO experts for the SEO process, from ready-to-import task templates to SEO audit for the most accurate and certain process to get your high ranking on Google results.

Everyone wants to get their site on Google’s 1st page, but how many truly know when and what to do, building the strategy and creating the proper checklists according to the site and domain and not with gut feeling.

And how do we truly know that everything we have done works?

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So, what is HIGHVER actually?

It is known that the SEO world is based on a few things, it is not just “Content and Links”.

The process holds a lot of small-sized tasks which together, compile a better ranking and increasing traffic of users to your website.

Highver is a task management system, uniquely designed for the SEO field

to help you do the best SEO your website can get, and check if it works as well!

SEO Project Management Software
Building A Strategy with One Click

Welcome to Highver

Organized Method Like the Pros

To provide you with the best, we had to gather the best, well-known experts that know the SEO world like the palm of their hands in the last 15 years.

And with their help, they bring more of the methods instead of the functions. What you shouldn’t miss about Highver is the essence, the essence of the process, which is greater than the performance.


Business Owner
$ 5 Per Month
  • SEO Tasks Templates
  • 1 SEO Audit
  • 3 Projects
  • 3 Keyword Researches
  • 30 Keywords Daily Tracking
  • Guest access
  • Team Members


Solo Artist
$ 19 Per Month
  • SEO Tasks Templates
  • 4 SEO Audit
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 3 Keyword Researches
  • 50 Keywords Daily Tracking
  • 3 Guest Access
  • 3 Team Members


Stage Performer
$ 59 Per Month
  • SEO Tasks Templates
  • 8 SEO Audit
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 10 Keyword Researches
  • 200 Keywords Daily Tracking
  • 10 Guest Access
  • 10 Team Members


Famous Rockstar
$ 119 Per Month
  • SEO Tasks Templates
  • 15 SEO Audit
  • Unlimited Projects
  • 30 Keyword Researches
  • 1000 Keywords Daily Tracking
  • 50 Guest Access
  • 50 Team Members

Not Sure Which Package to Choose?

No Credit Card Required

“One thing I have learned in over 15 years in the SEO field is that results come only after building a strategy, everyone can get links and write content, but building foundations and watching the location rise at the right moment is a method. Without the right way of working, it is not a success. It is luck. (you are welcomed to view my personal website:”

Shmulik Dorinbaum

Highver Founder