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The Dashboard

In order to ensure that you are always in the making and succeeding, we are here to remind you how many tasks you have left. Tasks for the whole website or for a specific page. One-time tasks or repeating tasks (every week \ month or even an annual task)


Quick & Easy

Task Management and Prioritization

Before anything else, Highver is a simple and easy-to-handle task management and prioritization system. Easy adding, editing, and prioritization for any of your SEO tasks.

The system is focused on SEO, and so there are built-in system tasks for any website you would want to promote using the system.

Daily Goals

Daily Rank Tracking

Since the system is focused on the SEO world, it is possible and recommended to track the Keywords that you would like to get a high ranking for them on Google, the tracking feature comes with daily, weekly, and monthly changes check.

Search & Research

Keyword Research

In order to know which keywords can bring in the right traffic to our website, the system enables keyword research on Highver and even more, share it with your client to get mutual consent on which keywords we would like to get on Google’s 1st page.

Adjustment & Combination

Trends and Statistics

Look for a keyword that you would like to get on Google’s 1st page, and you will know what his recent search trend is and also, the estimated level of difficulty according to Google’s ads system.

Adjustment & Combination

Track your SEO Process

One of the most important things during the SEO process is the track and control for every rank we have. In every task you perform – the system will save and help you understand exactly what is being done following the changes of the keywords you care about, the target keywords.

Watch from A Bird's Eye View

Monthly Reporting

Every time we talk about the work process, we understand how important it is to know our process’s milestones. As long as you make sure to right every task you did for the SEO process, you’ll be able to view it later on the “Timeline” tab.

Our timeline will show you each month exactly what you’ve accomplished and the date on which you’ve submitted that task—a great way to track your SEO’s milestones.

A Shared Workspace

Client \ Team Member Access

One crucial thing about projects is our ability to share with the client or our team members, know we all see the same data and work as a team for the same purpose.

The system enables you to create a share for ‘Display Only’ or share for editing (for teamwork or while working with freelancers \ external advisors).

Delegate Your Tasks

Assign Tasks to Team Member

Teamwork is the correct way to work. Further, tasks should be divided the right way between your teammates. Did you create a new task? Delegate it to one of your teammates, and they will receive an e-mail about the new task assignment.

Talk About the Tasks

Team Members Correspondence

Sometimes a task is not closed as “Completed,” there still are some comments or questions about It. For that reason, we also added a correspondence system to enable correspondence or commenting on any of your tasks in the system. For both editing and ‘Display Only’ partners.

Connect your google Search Console

Google Search Console

Connect your Google Search Console account to see some deeper data for each project you have. 

Connect your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics (GA4 Too)

Connect your Google Analytics account to see some deeper data for each project you have. Highver is ready for GA4 and the universal too. 

More screens: Medium sources and channel grouping.

Personal Customization

Creating Customized Templates

With Highver, you can create customized templates for tasks so that every project you begin will match your needs following the new project.

Onsite Optimization

Site Audit

If you want to know what is wrong with your site on a technical and visual level in the eyes of Google (Onsite), run a scan and know precisely what is missing and what is limiting your SEO process.

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